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Mora Roofing, the Boise-based company that employed the man who died in an accident in Ammon this summer, was in violation of several Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules when the incident occurred.

Salvador Hidalga, a 43-year-old construction worker from Boise, fell to his death June 26 while working on a roof at an Ammon residence.

An OHSA investigation found that Mora Roofing violated three rules when the accident occurred, according to documents provided by an administration spokesman.

Employees were exposed to fall hazards in excess of 10 feet, 7 inches; they were not wearing fall protection; and they were not provided training to recognize and minimize fall hazards.

On the day of the incident, OSHA found that the following violations occurred, all of which were classified “serious”:

n “Employees were exposed to fall hazards in excess of 10’7” when repairing a roof.”

n “Employees exposed to fall hazards were not wearing any fall protection while repairing a roof measuring 10’7” to 15.5’ to the ground surface below and a pitch of 5:12.”

n “Employees were exposed to falls while working on a residential property measuring at heights in excess of 10’7” and were not provided with training to recognize and minimize the hazards associated with falls.”

OSHA issued a $7,760 fine for the combined violations on July 26.

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