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A film crew prepares Brady Barkdull, owner of Wydaho Construction, for his Lifetime TV spot.

Two local companies, Fox Creek Heating and Wydaho Construction, received national attention last month with the unveiling of the Cloverleaf Court in Victor, and will soon be featured in the Lifetime show “Designing Spaces.”

In December, Love Schack Architects hosted an open house to showcase the cottage court, which is composed of six small, high-performance houses that have the potential (with the addition of solar panels) to be net zero, meaning they could operate with complete energy efficiency. Wydaho Construction, owned by Brady Barkdull, and Fox Creek Heat, acquired a year ago by Jeff and Meloney Deutschendorf, were partners on the project and caught the attention of Mitsubishi Electric by installing the company’s ductless mini-split heat pumps in the Cloverleaf houses.

“People in the industry have been a little leery of using this heating system in cold climates,” explained Mitsubishi Electric regional sales manager Collin McHugh. “So we thought it was important to come document this project, to show people that it does work. We’re proud of our product and we’re proud of these builders.”

McHugh was on scene at Cloverleaf Court on Jan. 10, watching a crew from Bozeman, Mont., film an interview with Barkdull to air on Lifetime. They filmed at Barkdull’s own house as well, and his twin daughters appeared as guest stars. The show will focus on lifestyle and efficiency, so it was appropriate that snow gently fell all day Thursday while the crew was filming.

Mitsubishi Electric, which markets its heating systems as “comfort solutions,” selected Fox Creek Heating as the winner during a nationwide dealer contest and brought Lifetime in to film the HVAC company’s work. Mitsubishi Electric will also use its photography and footage for promotional material.

“They were all great people,” Meloney Deutschendorf said of working with the Lifetime and Mitsubishi Electric representatives. “It doesn’t happen every day, TV crews coming to our little town.”

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