Two Idaho Falls residents have been arrested in connection with a shooting that took place in August outside the Crown Bar in downtown Idaho Falls, police announced Friday.

The arrests come almost two months after a person was shot and injured around the 500 block of Shoup Avenue. Police say the victim was treated and released from the hospital.

Idaho Falls Police arrested Nikolaus Garcia, 24, and Cristian Sanchez, 23, in connection with the shooting.

Witnesses said they saw a group of people arguing when one person shot the victim, according to a news release on Friday.

Based on video evidence, police believe Garcia allegedly shot the victim; he has been charged with felony aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon. Garcia’s charge could result in 15 years in prison, $50,000 in fines and restitution, according to the criminal complaint prosecutors filed in his case.

Police initially believed Sanchez shot the victim, but later disproved that with video of the shooting, which allegedly showed Sanchez and Garcia arguing with the victim and Garcia shooting the victim. Sanchez has been charged with felony accessory to aggravated battery, a modification to his initial charge of felony aggravated battery by use of a deadly weapon. His current charge could result in 5 years in prison, $50,000 in fines and restitution, according to the criminal complaint in his case.

Both Garcia and Sanchez were being held in the Bonneville County Jail.

Sanchez was arrested soon after the Aug. 13 shooting. On Aug. 18, he denied to police that he was involved in the shooting. He also confirmed that he and Garcia had been together that night, but said Garcia had not shot anyone.

Garcia allegedly posted a video on Snapchat saying that he, not Sanchez, shot the victim police said in charging documents.

Garcia was also arrested in September after he reportedly threatened to kill a woman after she said she did not like him. He was charged with aggravated assault, and was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond.

Garcia on Thursday called police and said he wanted to pick up a gun that was seized, police said. Police arrested him without incident while he was en route to the police station.

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