The Museum of Idaho will display Wonder Woman’s invisible plane as part of Maker Faire on Saturday.

The Museum of Idaho displayed a Blue Angels’ plane in the past. This year, they have an even more rare feature: Wonder Woman’s, umm, never-before-seen plane.

The museum announced at a Friday press conference that the superhero’s invisible plane would be stopping in Idaho Falls on June 22 as the centerpiece for the museum’s annual Idaho Falls-Ammon Mini Maker Faire. Mayors Rebecca Casper and Sean Coletti joined the announcement of the iconic plane.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind plane. I don’t think we will get a chance to display another invisible plane,” museum Marketing Director Deborah Chessey said.

The plane will be parked on the street outside the museum and cordoned off to prevent too much interaction from the crowd. Engineers who have worked with the plane in the past will be on hand to help explain the features that allow the aircraft to turn invisible and fly without making any sound.

The 1940s fighter plane had been kept in Lt. Diana Prince’s barn outside Washington, D.C., for decades after Wonder Woman retired the craft in favor of a jet-propelled version. Prince later donated the craft to the Seattle Museum of Flight, which leased it to the Museum of Idaho for the Maker Faire.

This year will be the second annual Maker Faire in eastern Idaho. The event, which originated in California in 2006, is meant to showcase the different varieties of creators and inventors in the area, as well as inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Casper, Rebecca


“The fair is all about getting people’s creative juices flowing to solve problems and that’s what the engineers working for Wonder Woman had to do for the plane,” Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper said.

When asked, the mayors and museum staff admitted they had no plans in place if somebody attempted to hijack the plane.

Idaho Falls-Ammon Mini Maker Faire also will have displays for the Ammoknights robotics team, which competed in a national robotics event earlier this spring, and a forensic pathologist. The Faire lasts from noon to 5 p.m. June 22 and is free to attend.

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