Workforce Training & Community Education at College of Eastern Idaho has won a 2019 International Award in lifelong learning for Best Management by the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the largest association in continuing education in the world.

Michelle M. Holt, CEI’s Executive Director for Workforce Training and Community Education (WTCE) accepted the award, along with WTCE Programs Director, Debbie Borek. The award was only one of twenty given at LERN’s big annual conference in Savannah recently attended by more than 650 professionals in lifelong learning from three countries, and the only award given for organizational operations.

“The award is for innovation in the field of continuing education and serving communities,” noted LERN President William A. Draves. “These awards enhance the quality and involvement in lifelong learning, an absolutely critical component to individual and community quality of life and prosperity in this century,” he noted.

“With more than 1,000 organizations engaged in lifelong learning as members of LERN, winning an International Award is an outstanding achievement,” Draves said.

In announcing the award, Draves noted: “Joining the division in February of 2017, Michelle Holt requested a program review from LERN. Upon receiving an ‘at risk of failing’ rating, she immediately began to develop a strategic plan to implement the recommendations from the review. Over a seven-month period, the division established performance goals, revised the staffing structure, implemented best practices training from LERN, initiated monthly and annual financial and industry benchmark scorecards, invested in software from Lumens to allow for better data collection and marketing analysis, developed a three year plan and built a division growth plan. These best management practices have set the stage for growth and increased revenue generation.”

In Fiscal Year 2018, Workforce Training and Community Education programs at CEI impacted nearly 17,000 students in eastern Idaho through their workforce skills and adult enrichment programs.

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