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CIA Officers Memorial Foundation staff members Calista Anderson, left, and Nancy Faucette, right, talk with students during a gathering for the current foundation scholarship recipients, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022, in Ashburn, Va. The foundation recently hired Anderson, the daughter of one of seven officers to die in a December 2009 attack on the CIA's base in Khost, Afghanistan. Anderson wants to help other children of fallen officers and shares her memories of her mother, Jennifer Matthews.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Calista Anderson was at a sleepover when the email from a friend arrived. She was 12 years old and had just experienced the worst moment of her life: Her mother had been killed while working overseas. The email offered a further jolt.

It linked to a news article revealing that, contrary to what she had been told, her mother hadn't worked for the State Department. She was a CIA officer.

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