BOISE — Two new variants of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), including one that may be more infectious than current variants in Idaho, have been discovered in wastewater samples from three Ada County cities, Central District Health announced Wednesday.

The gun debate in America will soon enter a new chapter with a Democrat in the White House after four years under President Donald Trump in which gun control advocates developed a long wish list for reform amid a spate of large-scale mass killings in places like Las Vegas, El Paso and Parkla…

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Protesters barricaded streets in a residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, and set booby traps for police after officers arrested about a dozen people in a clash over gentrification and the eviction of a Black and Indigenous family from a home.

PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — A spike in COVID-19 cases in Umatilla County has been fueled in part by sick employees returning to as the economy there reopens without realizing they have the virus because their symptoms are mild, a local public health official told a newspaper.

BOISE — Hundreds of thousands of dollars in coronavirus relief payments have been sent to people behind bars across the United States, and now the IRS is asking state officials to help claw back the cash that the federal tax agency says was mistakenly sent.

Last September, Jim Stanford climbed onto a big flat raft, shoved off from shore, and paddled into the swift current of the Snake River in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. It was one of those early Western mornings when winter lets you know that it will soon arrive. Squat clouds sat in t…

On the evening of May 23, a young male mountain lion was tranquilized by Fish and Game staff on the outskirts of Rexburg. The young lion had an injury on his right flank and was held overnight for observation. It was later determined that the injury was severe and the lion was euthanized.

RENO, Nev. — Federal land managers say it will take two decades and cost more than $1 billion over the first six years alone to slash wild horse populations to sustainable levels necessary to protect U.S. rangeland.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Thursday it will reopen 17 of its sacred temples for wedding ceremonies as Utah state officials revealed the tally of new unemployment claims slowed for a fifth consecutive week but remained at historic levels.

BOISE — Exploration work by a Canadian company hoping to build an open-pit gold mine in Idaho west of Yellowstone National Park was halted following a federal judge’s ruling involving its impact on groundwater.

POCATELLO — Idaho State University will implement both mandatory furloughs and layoffs as part of a broader plan addressing an anticipated $16 million budget deficit.

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — March 10 was the day Skagit County, Wash., confirmed its first COVID-19 case. It was also the day a singing group would meet and soon become what health officials call a “cluster” of disease.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — An earthquake shook millions of people across metro Salt Lake City Wednesday, closing an international airport hub, showering bricks onto sidewalks and damaging a spire and statue atop The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ iconic Salt Lake Temple.

WAMSUTTER, Wyo. — Following a massive vehicle pileup on Interstate 80 that caused several injuries and 4 fatalities on Sunday afternoon, the city of Rawlins is currently dealing with an overflow of victims en masse.

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BOISE — The Idaho State Veterans Home in downtown Boise — the state’s largest skilled nursing facility — would be replaced by a new veterans home to be constructed on the HP campus in West Boise, under a resolution that won unanimous support from the Idaho Senate on Wednesday.

LEWISTON — The recent split between the Boy Scouts of America and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dealt a body blow to many of the area’s Scouting troops.