Yeti on the loose? The Washington State DOT posted this photo suggesting it “might be Sasquatch.”

The mystery of Sasquatch arrived on Sherman Pass recently after traffic cameras showed an image sure to pique the interest of Bigfoot hunters.

“Sasquatch spotted!!!” yelled the Twitter account of the Washington State Department of Transportation East. “Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 web cam before?”

The image, fuzzy of course, appears to show an, err, two-legged creature walking through the snow in front of trees with State Route 20 in the background as it wends over 5,575-foot Sherman Pass in Ferry County near the border with north Idaho.

The post earned plenty of approving nods.

“Might be Sasquatch … We will leave that up to you,” wrote WSDOT.

This article first published in The Spokesman-Review.