Mountain lion in Kimberly

An adult mountain lion was seen Thursday morning in an alley near the post office in downtown Kimberly.

KIMBERLY (AP) — A male mountain lion thought to be the same animal spotted earlier in an Idaho downtown area was killed by wildlife officials.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game killed the mountain lion Friday near Kimberly, east of Twin Falls, The Times-News reported.

The animal was killed in the interest of public safety, Regional Conservation Officer Josh Royse said.

A homeowner near Kimberly notified officials after seeing a mountain lion on the porch of the home, department spokesman Terry Thompson said.

"Before the officers' arrival, the homeowner made repeated unsuccessful attempts to haze the mountain lion away from the house," Thompson said in a statement.

"The homeowner reported that the lion showed no fear despite him yelling repeatedly at the lion, and at one point the lion hissed and took an aggressive posture toward the homeowner," Thompson said.

A day earlier, a woman living in Kimberly returned home and found the mountain lion on her front step.

"My first thought was that it was a huge dog," Liz Stanger said.