Editorial Cartoons

Idaho voters deserve at least two good options in the governor’s race, but we aren’t sure they have them.

Tuesday’s Idaho Falls School District 91 bond election leaves you with a sense of déjà vu. When the all the votes were counted, the proportion who supported building a new high school was identical, down to two decimal points, to the outcome in November: 58.44 percent.

School District 91 won’t like us for this, but forget all the reasons they’ve told you so far to vote for the upcoming two-tier bond.

Did you send a letter, but you haven't seen it published on the Commentary page? It seems our transition to a new look and a new system may have left some hung up in cyber space.

This is the 21st Century. Life is complicated. American demographics are shifting from a white majority to white minority. Automation and artificial intelligence is killing low-skilled jobs. Political parties and social groups are getting more polarized every election cycle. Instant worldwid…

There is little doubt that if the illegal aliens entering this country were conservative, strict constitutionalists who refused every government welfare program, the socialist Democrats would have already built the wall with taxpayer's money!

The country recently celebrated Labor Day which is supposed to commemorate working people. Usually working people means people who work for wages instead of stock options.

Mr. Birnbaum’s Sept. 14 partial quote of the Milliman report conveniently omits the fact that Idaho’s $105 million cost of Medicaid expansion would be spread over 10 years. $10.5 million per year is a bargain for getting $450 million per year of our tax dollars back in the form of the federa…

Senator Feinstein has had over two months to investigate these charges and present the findings. That is why I, as an independent, feel there is nothing to the charges and this is just one more last-minute ploy to stop the proceedings.

On Sept. 8, a certain writer wrote a criticism of Mrs. Derusseau for a view she had expressed earlier. As I am acquainted with her by reason of volunteer work I do and have high regard for her, I feel it necessary to express the view that, regardless of her viewpoint, the criticism of her wa…

Dick Kenney asks pertinent questions of me recently in the Post Register regarding health care financing. I am no expert on the subject, by any means, but from my experience:

Sometimes all I can do is shake my head in disbelief at the callous disregard for others displayed by some conservatives in our community, especially after reading Bryan Smith’s opinion opposing Medicaid expansion. It would be lovely if local churches had the funds, the human resources and t…

The “blame everything on Trump” crowd is at it again. I’m referring to Jean Halford’s climate change letter of Sept. 14.