Angie Dodge’s murder has hung over this city like a dark mist for 23 years. It has torn countless lives to shreds. It has left a large family and her many friends in continuous grief, wondering what happened in that I Street apartment on a warm June night all those years ago.

A rally held by a militia group on the Capitol steps last week, in which several Idaho elected officials participated, should be cause for alarm throughout the Gem State.

Editorial Cartoons

How can three hardworking truck drivers be prosecuted for marijuana trafficking for just hauling hemp that federal law says is perfectly legal to transport across Idaho? Section 10114(b) of the federal 2018 Farm Bill (the federal law legalizing hemp) says: “Transportation of hemp and hemp pr…

The Idaho Falls Police have much to answer for in the Angie Dodge case. Police Chief Bryce Johnson is going out of his way to pat everyone on the back, but let us not forget a few points.

Bob Ziel says he is a “Trump enthusiast." He bemoans the media treatment of Mr. Trump. The reality is that media treatment of Mr. Trump is accurately reporting the things he says and does, and they replay video clips of him lying constantly to the American people.

I have been the attorney for the Idaho Falls Auditorium District since its creation in 2011 and have worked with many diligent and faithful board members, both past and present. Each board member devotes many hours of volunteer service and all deserve our thanks and appreciation.

A huge thank you to outgoing D91 school board chair Deidre Warden for the wonderful and generous contribution of her time and effort over many years. There are probably few jobs so important, yet so thankless, as member of the school board.

I understand when you buy a new home it's your investment. Can anyone explain to me why the residents around a certain school in a certain area think they own the view and the roads around them? You own the property your home is on, not the view the property allows.

Perhaps there has already been a letter to the editor concerning this. If there hasn’t, there should have been. The Idaho Falls water tower has been the symbol of our city since 1937. The iconic red and white stripes have been constant to the ambiance of the community. If at all possible, th…

I called the Idaho Falls Police Department because one of my family members was in trouble. I had no address as he recently moved; I didn’t know his license plate (only a description).

The lead story in the Nation and World section of the Post Register this past Saturday caught my eye. The Associated Press featured a positive story on President Donald Trump. They actually gave him credit for our robust national economy.