Editorial Cartoons

For many years now, there has been much said about bullying. Particularly in the schools, this has been a theme for teaching good behavior. Also, there is much said about other forms of handling life’s problems.

Julie Nawrocki, a local math teacher, does a good job in her April 2 op-ed demonstrating what’s wrong with the government-run education system. She writes that she’s in a war. She views her adversaries as anyone who dares to criticize the government education system. Any critique is akin to …

Many thanks to Louise Nelson for her letter published in the April 4 Post Register. Louise, you have opened a window on the intent of those considering themselves to be superior to parents in the education of small impressionable children.

It is hilarious that Mitch McConnell tells corporations to stay out of politics but is more than willing to accept corporations’ donations.

Louise, I see an entirely different beast invading our schools. The left has given control of our schools to the cancel culture beast. There is no place in today’s schools for the Constitution, our history and the things that have made America great.

It’s been a tough race with lots of Republicans in heated competition for the title, but I’ve reached a decision. Please consider this letter my nomination of Ed Humphreys for Biggest Snowflake for his attempt to remodel the entire state of Idaho’s educational system as his personal safe spa…