The Idaho Legislature appears ready to take revenge on voters for passing Proposition 2. Voters should take their revenge in turn if lawmakers continue down this road.

Sen. Todd Lakey, R-Nampa, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, should rethink his stated intention to deny a hearing for a bill reforming Idaho’s mandatory minimum sentencing system.

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I find it shocking the mayor and city council is participating in the potential loss of TRPTA. I feel councilwoman Ziel-Dingman is disingenuous in first stating “many cities don’t provide public transportation,” and “I am committed to finding a replacement to TRPTA.”

House Joint Resolution 46 was created by Congress to block President Trump’s declaration of emergency permitting him to move money from budgeted programs to build a wall on the Mexican border. The Resolution addresses the usurpation by the President of Congressional powers of the purse.

Some of our legislators say that the voters didn’t understand what they were voting on when they voted for Medicaid expansion. Other legislators say that Idaho citizens are not smart enough to engage in the initiative process.

I would like to send kudos to the young E.M.T who voluntarily bagged my groceries while he was in line at Winco Monday morning. A class act.

In her latest PR letter, Trina Pettingill indicated she had listened to President Trump's two-hour CPAC speech. Good for her. However, instead of taking the time and effort to comment on the speech, she resorted to name-calling, referring to President Trump as "unhinged ... totally crazy and…

As a medical student starting school this fall, I’m beyond excited for this next chapter. I’ve chosen to dedicate my career, and the next 8-10 years of schooling so that I can help others with their health challenges. But right now in Idaho, patients facing cancer may also have to face a cha…

Voters elect representatives whose promises they like. Representatives vote their consciences. Voters re-elect those representatives when they break only a couple of promises. Voters do not re-elect those representatives when they break many promises.

In response to Trina Pettingill's latest letter - I am a veteran, having lived through World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and all subsequent military actions in which this nation has participated. So, in brief allusion to my former capacity as a forest lookout, so to speak, I’ve h…

I appreciate your response in the sense that civil dialog is important. On the other hand, I will refute some of your points.