Editorial Cartoons

Idaho is the kind of place where we take care of our neighbors. That’s who we are, as became unmistakably clear when the dust settled following Tuesday’s election.

Like the endorsement of Rep. Barbara Ehardt, our endorsement of Rep. Bryan Zollinger in his race against Democrat George Morrison is not unanimous.

The District 35 House race between Rod Furniss and Jerry Browne features two intelligent, well-spoken candidates.

This is not a ringing endorsement. The District 33 race between Democrat Jim De Angelis and Republican Barbara Ehardt should be better than it is.

Voters in District 33 are lucky to have a choice between two excellent candidates in the race for Senate: Republican David Lent and Democrat Jerry Sehlke.

There aren’t any bad picks in the District 30 House Race between Republican Gary Marshall and Democrat Pat Tucker.

On a recent trip to Arizona to attend a family event, I brought along a book, "Miracle at Philadelphia, the story of the Constitutional Convention." Having read it carefully many years ago, the underlined parts remained in my memory as unusually significant.

For almost two years now I have listened to Ms. Pettingill share with us her extreme dislike of President Trump as presented in letters to the editor. Someone with her mindset appears to be me to be lacking in a complete sense of civility based on her continued foul mouth, most recently call…

In their letters, Frank Clark and Gene Hicks suggested that I leave the country since I wrote that I am ashamed to live in a country that elected Donald Trump to be president and leader of the free world.

The recent midterm elections got out record numbers of voters and showed that our state and nation do care that our voices are heard.

By quoting Hiram Johnson, Mr. Urling must consider himself a liberal isolationist. He states that all the letters have shown that truth is the first casualty of war. Which letters are you referring to Mr. Urling? Are you saying that my letters are not truthful and casualties of war? Are you …

Eleven post-World War II presidents succeeded Eisenhower – Kennedy through Trump. All but one of the eleven lost support in the House mid-terms. Five presidents (JFK, LBJ, Ford, Carter and Bush senior) didn’t serve a second term.

We pretty much agree with Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Chair Mark Fuller’s statement that our country is “governed by a constitution which follows republican principles and laws adopted by representatives not subject to the whim of the majority.”