Last week’s Republican winter meeting brought some great news — if you’re a Democrat.

Since the Great Recession forced steep, painful cuts to the state’s education system, state officials have done a remarkable job of getting back on track. At times, the Legislature has perhaps moved too slowly, but it’s moved consistently, which is the harder thing to do. Getting a majority …

Idaho continues to have a major shortfall in infrastructure spending, which, as former Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter regularly pointed out, is simply deficit spending. No money to maintain a road when it needs it means you spend about 10 times more to replace it later.

Editorial Cartoons

Mr. Larson takes issue with the idea of “your truth.” He stated that “The truth is not some fungible commodity,” thereby implying that somehow truth is constant and never varies.

Before I retired in 2003, I was a working federal employee who was designated as an "essential employee" and had to work without pay during one of the previous government shutdowns. I remember counting my pennies to be sure I didn't run out of money before I ran out of month. It was a scary …

I think the city of Ammon should raise the speed limit on Midway Ave. to 40 mph-plus. That is how fast 80 percent of drivers are going. I have never seen such blatant disregard for a 25 mph speed limit.

Have you ever smelled sagebrush after a rainstorm? Seen a mink in the sun along a river? Skied on powder in heaps of fresh snow? Watched a flight of snow geese glide in a clear blue sky? Observed a kingfisher fall like a stone into a placid river? Canoed over a crystal clear mountain lake? R…

Senator Risch, do you have the character and fortitude to fill the shoes of your predecessors, Borah and Church? If so, urge McConnell to vote on a funding bill and send it to the president, despite his threats to veto any bill that doesn't include $5.7 billion to fund his wall.

Did you know a mining company is wanting to drill for copper/cobalt up between Colson Creek and Long Tom? Julie Hopkins is the one to ask for information at the Forest Service, 756-5283. They are requesting comments. I offered those below:

A terminally ill puppy perishing in a biology demonstration hardly compares with the blatant murder of two healthy human beings by an enraged celebrity.