David Adler’s assessment of the 2010s, what he refers to as a “grim decade,” gives readers an understanding of what it must be like to live in Adler’s head and view the world through his persistently pessimistic filter. He says the decade “will be remembered … for its profound threats to our constitutional order.” If so, it won’t be for the reasons he indicates, including the usual gobbledygook conspiracy theories about Donald Trump that continue to replay like a broken record for Adler’s heroes like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats jockeying for the presidential nomination.

Doyle Beck


Let’s not forget that for the first time in American history, we went through a decade without a slowing economy. That’s right, there’s been no recession, no depression, nothing to throttle our county’s extraordinarily robust economic gait. To understand how meaningful this is, observe years of record low unemployment, where, in many parts of the country, everyone who wants a job can get one. Here in Idaho Falls, jobs are so plentiful, help wanted signs abound. There are restaurants apologizing for slow service because they can’t find enough employees to fill all the available jobs. Almost everyone reading this has benefitted from the strong economy.

The stock market is on fire, with company earnings and stock prices and stock indices repeatedly reaching new all-time highs and breaking new records that not only have investors smiling but continuing to pour their earnings back into our economy. This benefits retirement accounts and the paychecks of people from Wall Street to Main Street.

President Trump, who Adler chronically blasts, deserves a great deal of the credit. Trump pushed for tax relief, and the Republicans in Congress delivered, which helped pour even more fuel onto our country’s economic fire. Trump has also led with regulatory reform, freeing companies held hostage by the overzealous regulations imposed under the previous administration.

On the world stage, America is respected again. President Trump has delivered on his promise to take on the world’s dictators — witness the progress being made with North Korea, as an example — and he’s tackling China’s uncontested stealing of intellectual property by forcing the country to come to the negotiating table. He’s promised to defend our interests around the globe and has followed through in a thoughtful but strong position, as most recently with our dealings with Iran.

Yes, there were moments in the 2010s when we wondered if we were going to survive as a country. There were, indeed, threats to the “constitutional order,” as Adler notes. There were two moments, in fact. The first was earlier in the decade when Obama was in power. Then we got to fear a presidency that didn’t respect the Constitution, didn’t believe in American exceptionalism and favored socialism for solutions to problems of the day. The 2010s was the decade that Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress enacted a first-of-its-kind law requiring Americans to buy a product — health insurance — and caused insurance premiums and healthcare costs to go through the roof. The second was when politically-motivated Democrats, hellbent to depose President Trump, mobilized the media’s fake news machine and the deep state to impeach the president for no real reason whatsoever.

Yes, the 2010s were not perfect, but they were pretty darn good. And the good times continue as we begin a new decade. For that, and for our continued prosperity and opportunity we thank God, who has blessed our country, and President Trump and many Republicans in office through the country who back and enacted free-market policies, never losing faith in the power and the promise of conservative principles.

Doyle Beck is the Legislative District 30 chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.