My grandson might be a Democrat. He enjoys playing chess — sometimes I let him win and sometimes we play by the rules, so he learns how the game is supposed to be played. Once as we played by the rules, he began to lose and was unhappy. He complained the game was unfair and wanted to change the rules so he would win.

When I refused to change the rules, he did not want to play anymore. He has learned that rules matter — they always do. The rules protect all the players.

Mark Fuller

Mark Fuller

Presidential politics is played by rules contained in Article Two of the U.S. Constitution. In spite of media claims, “people” do not elect the president. The president is elected by the states, who send delegates to the Electoral College — they select the president. You have never voted for a president — we vote for electors, nominated by Democratic and Republican parties in each state. The person who gets 270 Electoral College votes wins the presidency.

In recent elections, the Democratic Party lost the Electoral College vote, while getting the most “people” votes. Democrats hate to lose and now want to change the rules. Unable to win on their unpopular policies (infanticide, open borders, Obamacare, Medicaid for all), they whine the rules are unfair and must be changed to allow pure democracy. Local pundits even claim the Electoral College rules are racist. Prepare to hear that claim many times. Whenever Democrats don’t like something, they play the race card. Object to their policies, you are labeled racist. Refuse to change the rules in their favor, you are labeled racist. Especially if you do not vote for their candidate, you are labeled racist.

The Constitution was divinely inspired to protect the little guy, in this case, the little states, like Idaho. Without our votes in the Electoral College, Idaho would be ignored by all presidential candidates. Under current rules, Idaho has four votes, which makes a big difference. Idaho must never support changes to the Electoral College — it was specifically designed to protect your Idaho votes, whatever your race. The Electoral College is not racist — it protects all races from the liberal, big population states.

President Trump will play by the rules and campaign in small states all across the land. Idaho Republicans will work hard to encourage President Trump or his surrogates to campaign in Idaho.

President Trump‘s efforts in smaller states — Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada and Idaho — will result in his 2020 victory with even more electoral college votes than in 2016. Democrats will ignore these small states and campaign in California, Illinois, New York and Virginia — they will get even more “people” votes than 2016, but will again lose the presidency. Then the real fight to change our Constitution will begin.

If Democrats don’t win, we will all be labeled racists. It can’t be their policies, so it must be us. Welcome to Deplorables 2.0.

Mark Fuller is chairman of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee.