I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a definite vibe from our “representatives.” I’m starting to think they actually despise us.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

It’s clear they think we’re stupid. They make comments like “they didn’t know what they were voting for” when talking about Medicaid expansion. This is something that citizens were educated about, fought for, and are still fighting for, even as legislators that have done nothing for years try to hamstring our efforts.

It’s not just about “sideboards” designed to make Medicaid expansion more expensive while doing less. It’s not just about the blatant sabotage of a policy that could benefit thousands of already-working Idahoans.

It’s also about the disrespect that goes into other types of legislation and the ways that our legislators represent us.

Let’s take a look at the latest attempt to muzzle We the People and keep us from taking matters into our own hands when our “representatives” refuse to act. Sen. Scott Grow is pushing legislation that would make it even harder to get citizen initiatives on the ballot. Our legislators did this after the Luna Laws debacle a few years back, and now they want to make the hurdles even higher.

They have so much contempt for us that they see our passion and engagement, and they work to actively quash it. The hope is that they’ll beat the spirit out of us by making it practically impossible to remedy the problems they refuse to address — or that they create.

Our “representatives” voted against a bill designed to allow civil suits against people who block access to public lands. Rather than allowing recourse by citizens, they are once again siding with moneyed interests. Their continued short-sighted push to sell off our public lands could conceivably lead to a future in which our long history of access to natural beauty is cut off to Idaho’s people.

The hypocrisy they expect us to swallow is unbelievable. In one breath, certain “representatives” will tell everyone that it’s OK to discriminate against a whole set of Idaho’s citizens but call for a boycott if they’re not happy with the public accommodations offered by them when a private business expresses discomfort.

We know that while you’re saying that it’s ok to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community in the name of private business rights, you’re also saying that those business rights end when a private business and its customers disagree with an uncomfortable display you happen to be making.

Our “representatives” also claim that it’s not the government’s place to be involved with child marriage (an area where we do, in fact, claim the national top spot). But many of these same folks stuck the government right in the middle of LGBTQ+ marriage equality, fighting against marriage protections for a swath of Idaho citizens, for years.

Do our “representatives” think we’re idiots? That we won’t notice their hypocrisy, conflicts of interest, and posturing?

Well, the obvious answer is yes. They despise We the People. They think Idaho’s citizens are stupid. And they’re counting on us to vote them right back into office next time.

Miranda Marquit is a nationally-recognized financial expert, author, and speaker. She is the chair of the Bonneville County Democrats.

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