We live in a time prophesied for thousands of years when the world is in constant commotion, the love of man has waxed cold and pestilence has become a daily topic. The powers of darkness rejoice as our freedoms are abridged, our humanity attacked and our ability to worship God is restricted. To prevent us from even smiling at each other, we have become masked beings, devoid of emotion and joy. The frustration and sadness are felt in every home and every heart.

Mark Fuller


It’s tempting to be angry and demand our freedoms be unrestricted. I confess I have wanted to do just that, protest and sue and scream at the officials who threaten to suck the joy from our lives. Rather than attacking them, these “leaders” deserve only our pity. They are but scared children, afraid that we will recognize how helpless they are. Doctors are trained to use modern science to cure disease, but the virus will not obey them. Politicians are skilled at passing laws, restricting free speech to avoid contentious public hearings, yet their laws are useless against the plague. Their laws and pills don’t work this time, and they are not just afraid, they are petrified.

The real risk to our freedom, including our freedom to worship, comes at this very moment when the bullies in the medical and governing classes exercise unrighteous dominion while claiming it is our own fault. Just as the abusive husband strikes his wife while screaming, “Why do you make me hit you?”, the doctors and officials become ever more abusive as their fear and frustration grow, blaming us for refusing to obey, while calling us “thugs, imbeciles and terrorists.”

The benefit of forcing the general public to wear masks is not settled science, but we must choose to wear masks not to protect us from the virus but to protect us from politicians who are looking for any excuse to further abuse our freedoms. I am going to wear a mask because I choose to, not because they order it. Making it my choice takes power from the bullies and preserves my right to fight further restrictions. Treat the bullies for just what they are, scared children afraid of being exposed.

The only source for lasting relief from trials of mortal life is the healing power of Jesus Christ. He suffered pains and afflictions of every kind, that he might take upon him the pains and sicknesses of his people. He knows how to succor us, and we must cry unto God constantly for relief which only he can give. If it is his will, he will inspire the development of a vaccine that will allow us to return to our former lives, just as he removed the scourges of polio, smallpox and measles. The doctors will take credit, but we will know that it was God answering our prayers. Wear a mask to preserve your freedom to worship. Cry unto God for relief from sickness and fear. He is our only source of help.

Mark Fuller is chairman of the Bonneville County Republican Party.