I remember a time when discussions could be had and people could remain civil while agreeing to disagree. Where has that civility gone? What happened to our ability to discuss ideas with those that disagree with you without resorting to ad hominem attacks? What happened in society to trigger an era of constantly offended and defensive people?

Markell Corpus

Markell Corpus

I’m not talking about Republicans or Democrats. I’m talking about everyone.

The art of debate, even the art of a simple conversation is gone. Is it our cellphones? Social media? Politicians? Celebrities? Is it the way so many have been raised to believe that they can be and do anything they want that makes each one of us disregard the feelings and ideas of another?

Why is it that 62% of Americans are afraid to tell others their political affiliations? They’re afraid to state what they believe, what they stand for. Why? What happened to us as a society to get us to this point?

How do we get back to civil conversations? How do we get back to seeing people as more than who they vote for and instead as fellow citizens, neighbors, family members, friends all belonging to the same human race?

We live in an era where the voices around us are telling us that the “other side” is evil just for existing. People are dying on our streets because of their political views. The media takes those murders and twists them to fit their chaos narrative.

We live in a time where conspiracy theories are the norm, but it’s only a conspiracy if it doesn’t fit the narrative you want. Friends and neighbors are losing careers, scholarships, relationships and more because they buy into the theories. People are getting fired because they have different opinions than their employers. Families are breaking apart over dinner tables because no one can seem to agree to disagree anymore. Children are shunning parents because they don’t support violent riots. Parents are disowning children because they won’t wear red hats.

As Lincoln once said: “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

I fear that our country is destroying itself from the inside when what we need most is unity. How do we find unity when the media and many politicians are trying to tear us apart by causing chaos in hopes of somehow winning votes with promises of safety after the election? Do you believe that the cat can be put back in the bag now? Should those that instigated the unrest be rewarded with political office? When will our country strip power away from those rioting and burning our cities? When will we remember that relationships are more important than politics? We must all be willing to stand up and say enough is enough.

Markell Corpus is a lifelong Republican.