Democrat Kristin Collum may hail from the Great State of Ada, but she showed up in Idaho Falls on Friday at what was supposed to be a debate with her opponent in the lieutenant governor’s race, Janice McGeachin.

For many years, this newspaper did not endorse candidates for public office, though we made an exception during the Idaho Falls mayoral race last year.

The Idaho Division of Veterans Services lists six central values it aims to uphold: compassion for all, unending accountability, absolute integrity, outstanding communication, dignity for everyone and unconditional honesty. The administrator of that division, former state Sen. Marv Hagedorn,…

Some members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee did an honorable thing Friday, but Idaho’s sole representative on the committee was not among them.

Overshadowed by daily controversies, a hugely significant change in U.S. policy was announced last week. It will steal hope from thousands of the most desperate people in the world.

Paulette Jordan, the Democratic nominee for governor, had a chance to frankly address recent controversies within her campaign at a forum held Thursday by the Idaho Falls City Club. She did not rise to the task.

Much of the case against Proposition 2, which would expand Medicaid to cover 62,000 working poor, has been dominated by distractions. And that’s true of the peculiar molehill the Idaho Freedom Foundation attempted to make a mountain of last week.

Tuesday’s Idaho Falls School District 91 bond election leaves you with a sense of déjà vu. When the all the votes were counted, the proportion who supported building a new high school was identical, down to two decimal points, to the outcome in November: 58.44 percent.

School District 91 won’t like us for this, but forget all the reasons they’ve told you so far to vote for the upcoming two-tier bond.

Did you send a letter, but you haven't seen it published on the Commentary page? It seems our transition to a new look and a new system may have left some hung up in cyber space.

There have been many heart-rending stories in the media about people dying due to lack of access to routine, non-emergent medical care as a result of being unable to afford health insurance. Most people that have been caught in this situation were either working at low wage jobs that did not…

I just wanted to thank the folks in Idaho Attorney General's Office over in Boise and our local investigators. In the last few weeks, we have had to ask for their help a couple of times with community issues regarding horses and cows,  and they responded in a huge way.

This letter is in response to Jerry and Carrie’s piece from the paper last Sunday, and also to the many Dr. Krell has written concerning Medicaid expansion.

I believe Jim Sathe is confusing democratic socialism with social democracies. Social democracies include many European countries that are capitalists.  They let their governments restrict some basic rights for the opportunity to pay a lot of taxes so they can wait in line for mediocre healt…

Mr. Urling, the individual who told you he “…wore the uniform so I, along with millions of others, gave you the right to express your views…” was incorrect in his statement but his meaning is true.

I do not live in District 32 but feel a few facts need to be clarified. I don't feel Mr. Christensen has given a factual account of Rep. Tom Loertscher or what Tom believes. He has also misrepresented Tom’s character.

I think that this time Mr. Urling has gone too far. To impugn the value that our military has provided to this nation since 1776 is to show little understanding of the history of this country that he is privileged to live in.

Yes, Jim Key, the Kavanaugh confirmation was a sham. Crapo was Senate Judiciary Committee member, and he and Risch as confirming Senators were simple party pawns, sadly typical.

When it comes to PACs and other political groups, the loftier sounding the title, the phonier the group is. Take, for example, Wayne Hoffman and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Mr. Urling, thank you for showing, to all, your lack of understanding and interpretation of our freedom, what it took to get it and what it cost to keep it. God was in the foxholes. Where were you?