With Sen. Bob Corker stepping aside, Sen. Jim Risch is expected to become the next chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The former Idaho pro tem, lieutenant governor, governor and two-term U.S senator will soon become one of the most important voices in American foreign policy.

It would look exceptionally odd if lawmakers pushed systematic changes to the state pension system now that they’ve lost access to the PERSI perk.

Idaho is the kind of place where we take care of our neighbors. That’s who we are, as became unmistakably clear when the dust settled following Tuesday’s election.

Republican Lt. Gov. Brad Little has the experience and knowledge to be an effective governor. Paulette Jordan, his Democratic challenger, has run a campaign that shows she won’t lead the state effectively.

Former Chief Justice Jim Jones has a good point — there’s no good reason for certain statewide offices, especially the superintendent of public instruction, to be partisan. What matters there isn’t ideology but ability.

Like the endorsement of Rep. Barbara Ehardt, our endorsement of Rep. Bryan Zollinger in his race against Democrat George Morrison is not unanimous.

The District 35 House race between Rod Furniss and Jerry Browne features two intelligent, well-spoken candidates.

This is not a ringing endorsement. The District 33 race between Democrat Jim De Angelis and Republican Barbara Ehardt should be better than it is.

Voters in District 33 are lucky to have a choice between two excellent candidates in the race for Senate: Republican David Lent and Democrat Jerry Sehlke.

There aren’t any bad picks in the District 30 House Race between Republican Gary Marshall and Democrat Pat Tucker.

The Post Register does not need the funny papers. All one has to do is read the commentary page every day. That is what I look forward to as I pick my newspaper off the front porch.

Douglas Sonnenberg asks if the earth is warming due to the normal cycling of the sun or due to human activities.

What is this I hear about Mueller charging people with lying? And then threatening to charge people with lying if they don’t testify to what he wants them to testify to?

Jerry Sehlke, in his Post Register article, added more data to my belief that a lot of politicians care more about their own benefit than what their constituents want.

Ever since Proposition 2 was passed by a substantial majority of Idaho voters, including eastern Idaho voters, we have been constantly bombarded by the leadership of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee. Their message since the November 6th elec…

The Republicans elected a lying crook by electing Trump. Now the dirty Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan are trying to strip the newly elected Democrats their power. How anyone can keep voting for dirty lying Republicans is beyond sanity.

Trina Pettingill seems to feel that 3rd graders are smarter than President Trump. I am sure that many are intelligent, but that has nothing to do with believing a theory.

Mr. Larson seems to believe the only impediment to a successful life is a lack of grit, that we should all be completely self-reliant and self-made individuals. I also believe in individual responsibility, but I dare say there are billions of people on the planet today that show as much or m…

My husband and I enjoy going to the ice arena in Idaho Falls. On Dec. 1, we attended the Annual Holiday Show presented by the Idaho Falls Figure Skating Club.

How very refreshing it was to read the commentary page on Tuesday, December 4. Bryan Smith’s rebuttal and his reminder of Constitutional principles, sadly lacking in many, was spot on. Such simple concepts should be easily understood, but instead are smeared over as we strive for even more p…

Democrat Kristin Collum may hail from the Great State of Ada, but she showed up in Idaho Falls on Friday at what was supposed to be a debate with her opponent in the lieutenant governor’s race, Janice McGeachin.

For many years, this newspaper did not endorse candidates for public office, though we made an exception during the Idaho Falls mayoral race last year.

The Idaho Division of Veterans Services lists six central values it aims to uphold: compassion for all, unending accountability, absolute integrity, outstanding communication, dignity for everyone and unconditional honesty. The administrator of that division, former state Sen. Marv Hagedorn,…

Some members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee did an honorable thing Friday, but Idaho’s sole representative on the committee was not among them.

Overshadowed by daily controversies, a hugely significant change in U.S. policy was announced last week. It will steal hope from thousands of the most desperate people in the world.

Paulette Jordan, the Democratic nominee for governor, had a chance to frankly address recent controversies within her campaign at a forum held Thursday by the Idaho Falls City Club. She did not rise to the task.

Much of the case against Proposition 2, which would expand Medicaid to cover 62,000 working poor, has been dominated by distractions. And that’s true of the peculiar molehill the Idaho Freedom Foundation attempted to make a mountain of last week.

Tuesday’s Idaho Falls School District 91 bond election leaves you with a sense of déjà vu. When the all the votes were counted, the proportion who supported building a new high school was identical, down to two decimal points, to the outcome in November: 58.44 percent.

School District 91 won’t like us for this, but forget all the reasons they’ve told you so far to vote for the upcoming two-tier bond.

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