Bunny ears screenshot Idaho House 2-10-21

This screenshot shows Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Iona, holding up “bunny ears” behind Rep. Randy Armstrong, R-Inkom, as Armstrong debated legislation in the Idaho House on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021. Christensen, smothering laughter, repeatedly held his fingers up behind Armstrong’s head during the debate, which was livestreamed statewide.

Bunny ears? Seriously kid?

If you missed it, during debate on the House floor Wednesday, Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Iona, showed so little interest in the substance of state policy that he decided to amuse himself by giving a fellow lawmaker bunny ears while he was debating a bill.

This from a man who says of himself: “Some think I seek attention and that I grandstand. I actually avoid it and I am a naturally reserved and aloof person.”

Christensen sure does look camera shy in that picture, doesn’t he?

It would be disappointing behavior from a serious lawmaker, but Christensen is not one of those. He’s a play-acting freedom fighter and an utter buffoon. So it’s just what you’d expect.

Whether it’s parading around carrying guns with militia members at a restaurant, and then throwing a temper tantrum when the owner pulls a curtain, or filming himself berating fair officials over a self-manufactured controversy, every stunt Christensen pulls has the same message.

That message is not: “Constitutional rights must be respected.”

That message is: “Look at me!”

Christensen, remember, led a brief campaign to impeach Gov. Brad Little. That sounds like something someone serious would do. But he didn’t garner any support for his foolishness, just some attention for himself, his only motivation in public office.

He’s that troubled child campaigning for the presidency of his middle school on the platform: “All the teachers get detention, and we don’t have to do no more homework.” He’s the kid who draws obscene graffiti all over the bathrooms.

You don’t elect that kid class president. You might elect him class clown — if he graduates instead of landing in juvie, which always feels imminent.

And yet, voters in District 32 elected this clown to write laws — twice. What does that say about us?