In some previous election cycles, the Post Register issued candidate endorsements. We planned to do it again during this election cycle, and we started the process we normally use to come to endorsement decisions: conducting editorial board interviews with local, statewide and federal candidates.

But once most of the endorsement interviews were complete, the editorial board concluded that it would be better to take a slightly different tack this year.

We live in a highly polarized time. It increasingly seems as if those on opposite sides of the political spectrum not only hold passionately opposed beliefs — but sometimes as if they lived in different worlds. In such a context, we decided it would be better to simply lay out our opinions about the candidates in the races without issuing endorsements.

Three candidates — Sen. Jim Risch, Rep. Chad Christensen and Rep. Julianne Young — refused to participate in the process and answer the questions we had. We will base our opinions of them on their records as we understand them. All other candidates participated, and we will base our opinions of them both on their records and their answers to our questions.

“Our views on the candidates” are not works of news reporting, which is why they appear on the Commentary Page, which is reserved for works of opinion.

We will not tell you who to vote for. We will simply tell you our opinions on the candidates, their virtues and their flaws.

We hope these opinion pieces will give you something to think about, something to consider.

We will also continue publishing opinion pieces on those races from members of the community, many with which we disagree, so that you can be exposed to a wide variety of opinion and argument. That is the reason the Commentary Page exists.

In order to be published, any letter advocating an outcome of the November election must be received by Oct. 23.

The Post Register’s editorial board consists of Publisher Travis Quast, Managing Editor Monte LaOrange and editorial writer Bryan Clark. Clark can be reached at 208-542-6751.