Dave Radford

Dave Radford

Voters should support Bonneville County Commissioner Dave Radford to replace Rep. Chad Christensen.

Christensen’s flamboyant — often cartoonish — behavior while in office has been an embarrassment. His close, friendly ties to members of the militia movement have been deeply concerning. His flagrant disregard for public health measures during the coronavirus pandemic has been foolish.

He is a man with neither the temperament nor discipline necessary for an effective lawmaker.

Radford would be a welcome return to normalcy and pragmatism. His efforts to organize and coordinate farmers into a rangeland fire protection association to aid in wildfire suppression following the Henry’s Creek Fire, during a time when mistrust between farmers and public lands agencies was running high, show his ability to build effective coalitions to solve real-world problems.

What would Christensen have done in a similar situation? If his past behavior is any indication, he would have posted a Facebook video of himself getting into a confused argument with someone from the BLM. He would get himself some plaudits from the Three Percenters, but the farmers in Bone would be no safer when the fire danger rises this summer.

Radford, on the other hand, helped get farmers technology and training to coordinate with the BLM and put the fire out. He has shown he knows the difference between big talk and solving a problem.