There aren’t any bad picks in the District 30 House Race between Republican Gary Marshall and Democrat Pat Tucker.

Gary Marshall has served as a public school teacher and a university professor, and he’s focused much of that career on teaching American government.

Tucker has had an impressive career at Idaho National Laboratory, and she shows a deep understanding of many of the important issues facing Idaho.

Tucker has rightly decried what she calls “the politics of cruelty” — the apparent of Idaho lawmakers to ease the suffering of ordinary people like those caught in the Medicaid gap. And she’s committed to protecting the public lands that make life in the Gem State wonderful.

Tucker opposes ending the sales tax on groceries, but for a good reason. In a state that has one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, she’s worried the state will have trouble adequately funding its education system if it loses more revenue.

Tucker also is committed to making sure Idahoans, many of whom make far too little to live on, can get a fair wage for a day’s work. Marshall would do well to listen to her perspective on that issue.

Despite Tucker’s many strengths, Marshall has our unanimous endorsement.

While conservative in outlook, he’s committed to finding a solution for the Medicaid gap, and he’s pledged to respect the will of the voters on Prop 2.

A particular moment during the campaign showed us something important about Marshall’s character. When Idaho Freedom Action started taking out independent expenditures attacking his primary opponent, outgoing Rep. Jeff Thompson, Marshall swiftly repudiated them.

Many first-time candidates, eager for funding and allies, would have welcomed free attack mailers against their opponent, especially when they don’t have to claim any responsibility. Not Marshall. He pledged a positive campaign. Put to the test, he proved to be as good as his word.

The Post Register’s editorial board consists of Publisher Travis Quast, Managing Editor Monte LaOrange and editorial writer Bryan Clark. Clark can be reached at 208-542-6751.

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