Kevin Cook


Kevin Cook would be the best choice to replace Sen. Dean Mortimer.

Adam Frugoli’s commitment to combating domestic violence and child abuse, which he has placed particular emphasis upon, is commendable. In other areas, their platforms are quite similar.

But the series of problems that have arisen during Frugoli’s term leading the White Pine Charter School board gives us pause. The details of the mini-scandals are obscure and complex, including unresolved allegations of improper electioneering by some board members, multiple resignations, a set-aside election, allegations of improper bonuses, all followed by Frugoli’s abrupt resignation.

This is not to say these problems were Frugoli’s doing. But Frugoli was the chairman leading the board through much of this time, and he did not solve them. The school remains in an uncertain position today as a result.

A school board has certain similarities to the Legislature. Work is best accomplished by consensus when that’s possible. When it isn’t, it’s necessary to maintain good relations with your opponents — you may need them on the next bill. Now more than ever, what’s needed is a steady hand.

True, Cook has not been tested in the way Frugoli has. This is his first run for elected office. But on balance, Cook appears the safer choice.