Periodically, The New American Magazine, a John Birch Society publication, publishes voting records for all congressmen and rates each bill and vote based on “their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.” They call this congressional scorecard the “Freedom Index.”

Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson

Socialists will disagree with this standard. Others may agree with the standard but don’t take time to examine voting records.

I just examined the latest record revealing how our representatives voted on the ten most recent bills and continue to grieve over the performance of one of our representatives, Mike Simpson. Mike is with the “establishment” part of the (fractured) Republican Party which votes for big government solutions and thumbs its nose at the Constitution when it suits them. Though he wears the Republican banner, Mike is and always has been in this category.

At election time, Mike pretends to be a solid conservative and is very skilled at rhetoric. But when it comes time to vote it’s a different story. And thus it has been since he came into office.

In this latest Freedom Index, Simpson’s voting record scored 30 percent, meaning that 70 percent of the time he voted for bills that were either unconstitutional, fiscally irresponsible or not in the interest of national sovereignty. I observe that Maxine Waters had exactly the same score. I also note that Idaho’s other representative, Raul Labrador, scored 86 percent.

Want details? I’ll give you what my 450 word limit will allow:

Simpson voted not to end FISA’s warrantless surveillance (S139) which allows the NSA to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant. He voted to authorize a $3.29 Billion “contribution” to the World Bank, a strictly unconstitutional form of foreign aid.

He voted for HR4909 which bribes us with grants (much going to support gun control groups) designed to drive us toward the nationalization of local police and school defense, violating the concept of local versus federal control.

He voted in favor of the Omnibus Bill, HR1625, a happy $1.3 trillion check for discretionary spending that no one can say what it will be spent on, nor tell us where the money will come from. With a $20 trillion debt, and Mike kicks the can down the road.

To appease Idaho farmers, Mike voted for Agricultural Crop Subsidies, HR2, disrupting the free market economy. Subsidies are not found in the Constitution.

My opinion: We send Mike back to his previous career as a dentist and replace him with someone who actually understands and loves the Constitution — someone who more closely represents what I believe to be a solid majority of Idahoans. If I wasn’t so old, outspoken and blunt, I’d challenge him myself.

Ray Johnson is a retired electrical engineer and engineering professor, with a more recent interest in choral music conducting.

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