To err is human. All of us make mistakes. Some people exhibit the gnashing of teeth when others make mistakes. Some people are gracious when others make mistakes. Rep. Randy Armstrong and I are good friends. He is a kind, gracious man. We enjoy the banter that takes place between us, and that will not change because of the barbarous opinion of the Post Register. Rep. Armstrong is a solid conservative, and I enjoy his light-hearted sense of humor. I made a mistake. I should not have exhibited our banter on the House floor and violated the House rule to act in a dignified manner.

Chad Christensen

I do have a very playful sense of humor. One especially needs a sense of humor to survive the halls of the Idaho Capitol building. I broke a rule. However, is it that harmful to show my constituents that I am human and a regular person? I am not more special than they. They are the special ones. I made a mistake regarding the venue, but I do not apologize for my sense of humor.

The Post Register has called me a “clown” and a “buffoon.” I certainly don’t call my adversaries names nor do I call people names whom I disagree with. Remind me who the classless one is in this situation? Is the Post Register giving me a dignified example to follow? I certainly must chuckle at that question. I am not sure I would ever call the Post Register a dignified publication. I have always had a strong disdain for hypocrisy. In my opinion, it is one of the worse traits a person can exhibit. The Post Register editorial board exhibits hypocrisy on a consistent basis.

Would the Post Register write an opinion if I were a compliant Republican in name only or a Democrat? Absolutely not. Where were they when a Democrat representative stole his opponent’s campaign flyers from neighborhood doors? Where were they when this same representative used the words “trailer trash” on the House floor? The Post Register consistently shows their bias.

The Post Register has not liked me since before I was elected. If the Post Register ceased to insult me, well, that would mean we would be living in the bizarro world. I have done things that any politically affiliated person can be happy with. Have you seen the biased Post Register report on these things? Ha, they are only interested in spinning me in a certain light. I am proud of my stance to uphold and defend the Constitution, despite their insults. That will never waiver, never. Not even the Post Register can take that from me.