I am disappointed in the sad attempt to by Stephanie Mickelsen, aided and abetted by the Post Register, to smear the good names of several members of the Republican Party. These fits of mudslinging normally do not deserve attention or response, let alone space in the paper’s editorial page. After all, the elections Stephanie references occurred long ago. But I cannot, in good conscience, stand idly by and ignore the attempt by Stephanie to tarnish and degrade reputations, with the support of the newspaper.

Doyle Beck


Furthermore, saying nothing in defense of myself and my friends allows evil to prevail. We would like nothing more than to focus on the advancement of conservative principles that have made our country a force for good in the world rather than to write a response to the coordinated and unprovoked attacks leveled at us by the left and their allies in the media.

To be clear, it appears that the crimes of which I and my friends have been accused are that we believe in, follow and subscribe to the principles of the Idaho Republican Platform. If you read the platform, you will find that it acknowledges our faith in and reliance on God, our Creator. The platform states that the U.S. Constitution is the greatest and most inspired document to ever govern any nation.

The platform recognizes that no economic system has lifted more people out of poverty than the system of free enterprise that we have today. The platform recognizes the sanctity of life and the importance of the traditional family.

Unfortunately, some who claim membership in the Republican Party do not subscribe to Republican values. They take the part of the dissenters among the good Nephites in the story of Amalickiah in the Book of Mormon (Alma 47), and as dissenters among the good, have become more destructive and ferocious than the Lamanites who had been cut off from the Lord.

And so, rather than focus on and address policy disagreements, these Republicans concentrate on lodging personal attacks against those of us who uphold the principles in the platform. These attacks tear communities apart and accomplish nothing, except to sow seeds of destruction.

No organization and no candidate is perfect. And no writer of commentaries in the newspaper, including this one, is perfect. But as I have a right of free speech, I and my friends have chosen to support those good and honest organizations and candidates whose values most closely align with the Idaho GOP platform. And yes, one way I exercise my right to free speech is financially supporting those who align themselves with this platform.

That is our right, as much as it is Stephanie’s right to support the candidates and organizations of her choosing. That doesn’t make her a bad person; it just means we disagree. Stephanie, as well as anyone and everyone, has the right and duty to agree or disagree and believe whatever their conscience may allow.

But in agreeing to disagree, no one should be subject to public distortion and disinformation. It is unbecoming of any Republican, Christian or citizen of this great nation to spew hate, and it is wrong to use the newspaper editorial page as a venue to bear false witness or to give cover to the forces of evil or hatred.

I know Stephanie. And even though she may have signed the newspaper commentary as its author, this is not the Stephanie Mickelsen I know. It could not be her work product.

It is my hope and desire that in these perilous times that we may all look inward and find better ways to communicate and discuss principles rather than be so disagreeable.

Doyle Beck is the Republican chairman for Legislative District 30.