College is not for everyone. But education and training are. In fact, according to 2020 U.S. Census Bureau data, only 30.7% of Idaho residents have a bachelor’s or higher degree. While at the same time, more and more employers are screening for a degree on job applications. In days past, getting a good job without a degree was easier. I heard someone say recently: “In my day (the 1970s), a high school diploma was a ticket to a middle-class life. Nowadays, it’s a ticket to poverty.”

Lent Dave Submission2022 Dave Lent


The truth is, today it is very difficult to earn a living wage with only a high school diploma.

Sen. Dave Lent represents District 33 in Idaho Falls. He’s the current vice-chair of the Senate Education Committee. Previously, he worked in the nuclear industry and served on the District 91 school board.

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