The recent proposal to move the borders between Oregon, California and Idaho (google greater Idaho) to create a greater Idaho may sound like a good idea until you start considering secondary issues — issues such as will moving the California boundary incentivize California to move forward with their proposals to separate the state into several states. The proposals have ranged from three to seven new states with each having its own representation in the Senate and the electoral college.

Jim Delmore

Jim Delmore

If the split were to be appropriately gerrymandered by the Democratic-dominated legislature, each of the new states would be dominated by the Democratic party. Taking the worst-case scenario with seven new states, they would shift the balance of power for both the Senate and the electoral college to where the Republicans would be delegated to a permanent minority at the federal level. With the Democrats in permanent control, they would then grant statehood to both D.C. and Puerto Rico to further cement their control.

With this proposal being pushed by the hard-core end of the Republican Party (translation — endorsed by the Idaho Freedom Foundation) the thought is that it would cement their control of the state.

Would this level of control of Idaho be worth being relegated to a permanent minority at the federal level? Just think of how the party platform would have to be modified to allow it to once again be able to get enough candidates elected at the federal level to retake the Senate and White House.

For starters, they would need to support the minimum wage to be increased to a livable level. That would be hard for them to swallow. Then they would need to support full-day kindergarten with lunch being served. After that, they would need to acknowledge the immense student debt accumulated by millions of college graduates that is unlikely to be paid off during their lifetime.

Then they would need to acknowledge the damage the Supreme Court has done and is still doing on things like states blocking women’s rights to control their own bodies and to pass legislation restricting voters’ access to voting. Since it was the Republicans who took advantage of circumstances to pack the Supreme Court with judges who are in debt to right-wing preachers, they are passing down judgments opposed by a majority of our citizens.

These are only the beginning of the areas where the Republican platform would need to be modified to be competitive if California were to be incentivized to split into multiple states.

Like the title of this editorial, be careful what you ask for.

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