Doyle Beck believes his opinions are so important he needs to publish them in this paper regularly to browbeat us into submission. Last week, Beck shared his predictable rant on why his beloved Idaho Freedom Foundation obedience score matters and painted a target on someone who didn’t bend the knee.

Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis

Well, since I’m the latest in a long list of people Beck has deemed unworthy, I think I’ll impart some wisdom of my own.

The professional journalists in Idaho are looking to talk to any Republican who is not too scared to give a quote on the impact Beck and his Idaho Freedom Foundation (he sits on the board) have had on Idaho politics. Beck often vilifies the press and anyone who’d share an honest quote that contradicts his far-righteous worldview. I’m just one of the few people who is not afraid to tell the truth; besides, you can’t really say you follow the Constitution if you don’t actually support the freedom of the press.

Beck seems to want us to believe that critical race theory is under every rock and desk in our public schools. He wants us to believe that the Marxists, socialists and communists are coming to indoctrinate our children. Beck wants you to be scared so that his political organizations can swoop in and save the day from evils they manufactured.

I don’t know about you, but I trust my own eyes. We all saw footage of the Capitol getting stormed by Trump flag-waving insurrectionists attempting to overturn the constitutionally protected peaceful transition of power. Right after, Beck posted an article attempting to blame Antifa for the seditious raid. Of course, he should know better since he was there in Washington, D.C., that day, attending the Stop the Steal rally and meeting with Trump’s inner circle the night before. An ill-fated meeting which, very possibly, supported the event that led to the death of a Capitol police officer, hundreds of wounded officers and over 500 arrests. But, hey, I guess misleading people who saw what happened with their own eyes is Beck’s idea of what being a good “conservative” is all about.

He and his organizations want us to believe things that are not real, invent solutions to problems that don’t yet exist, and say it’s about protecting the Constitution and your right to own a gun. So, when a gun-owning, Constitution-loving Republican like myself stands up to tell the truth, Beck recycles his old “just call them a RINO, socialist-blah blah blah” line and hopes you all are too dumb to know any better.

Can we really trust someone who demands loyalty through dishonesty and fear? We see Beck and his team over at the Idaho Freedom Foundation demand that their ideas are superior and the rest of us are unworthy unless we bend to their abusive behavior. That sure sounds like a threat to Idaho’s republican form of government to me.

Remember, these are the same “limited government” champions who bemoan government handouts and happily take hundreds of thousands in P{span}aycheck Protection Program {/span}money, kill an early childhood learning grant distributed by the Trump administration because, you know, the critical race theory boogeyman. I’m a little more than fed up with these “do as I say not as I do” hostage negotiation tactics.

The sad truth is that’s all Beck’s got — empty threats and gaslighting to fill his need to feel like he’s got some sort of dominion over us.

Idahoans did just fine before he imposed his opinions on us, and we’ll do just fine without him.

So, I’ll keep telling the truth, and Doyle Beck can go and whine about being ignored to his ever-dwindling base.

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