Every time the liberal media wants to label conservative Idahoans as “extreme” they run to Jennifer Ellis for help to tell that story. I don’t know whether or not Ellis truly is a “lifelong” Republican, as the media holds her out to be, but I do know she’s not a conservative and she does not believe in our party’s platform. On the political spectrum, she has way more in common with socialists than I do.

Doyle Beck

Doyle Beck

After all, how many conservative Republicans do you know that go and defend critical race theory being taught to our kids as she did in an article published around the state? Does she understand what critical race theory is? I do. It’s the idea that America is irredeemably racist and therefore so are all our political and economic systems. Once they’ve convinced people to view America as racist, the left then runs around attempting to tear down those systems it has vilified. Just this morning, I read an article in which another liberal academic was trying to claim that the Second Amendment is racist. Other articles have tried to claim that private property, capitalism and a strong work ethic are racist.

That’s why the Marxists, socialists and communists love critical race theory so much. It helps them make the case for big government and centralized authority. It helps them tear down the things that made out country great.

There’s documented evidence that critical race theory and social justice indoctrination has, in fact, infiltrated Idaho’s education system. It’s one of the reasons why Idaho lawmakers voted to cut $2.5 million from our public colleges and universities — to start eliminating the nonsense from our kids’ education. It’s one of the reasons the Idaho Legislature passed and the governor signed a bill prohibiting the use of critical race theory in our schools.

Yet Ellis, in a recent interview, complained that conservatives ginned up the controversy. The reality is that Ellis just dislikes conservative principles. She’s been complaining about conservative principles for many years now, even being part of a website run by liberals that is built to attack conservatives and trick Idahoans into supporting moderate and liberal Republicans.

Ellis simply needs to take ownership of the fact she has more in common with Idaho Democrats than she does Idaho Republicans. I have nothing against her going over to that party if it makes her feel more at home.

The fact is that our country has been veering closer and closer toward socialism for many years. Until recently, Idaho’s Republican Party has been asleep at the wheel, assuming that that slide toward socialism hasn’t infected our state. Now, thanks to the Idaho Freedom Index, Idahoans are able to see in very clear terms which legislators are more likely to support conservative principles and which aren’t.

Conservative Republicans are doing everything they can to defend our constitutionally protected rights, which means defeating socialism et al. here in our home state of Idaho. Fortunately for us, our state Republican Party platform provides a worthy springboard for talking about our values and holding lawmakers accountable for them.

Our platform talks glowingly about American values like limited government, low taxes and less regulation. It defends life. The platform supports free markets, private property and gun ownership. These values are not “extreme.” They’re, in fact, the values that made America the most prosperous country the world has ever known.

When Idaho legislators vote in favor of smaller government and the protection of our rights, they score well on the Idaho Freedom Index. When they score well on the Freedom Index, we help save the country from socialism.

Doyle Beck is the Legislative District 30 chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.

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