As I’ve taken in the political events of the last few months, I’m increasingly convinced that Idaho plays a prominent role in the future direction of the country, and much of that centers on what occurs in our education system.

Doyle Beck

Doyle Beck

I think it’s a shame that young people are not taught the true stories from our history that have made America the beacon of light in the world. I think it’s a shame that young people are encouraged to view the country through a jaundiced lens.

They’re not taught about our Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution and other documents that define the relationship between people and their government. School students these days have it drilled into their impressionable minds that our country is the product of racism, that capitalism is mean and unfair, that land ownership and wealth creation are evil. It’s no wonder today’s young adults, who are now of age to vote, are voting for socialism. They’re enthralled with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Idaho is not immune to this. Our public schools and our colleges and universities — yes, here in Idaho — are much like the ones you find throughout the rest of the country: They’re home to an extreme blend of babysitters, socialist indoctrination and social justice warrior training centers. It’s no secret now that Boise State University’s administration encouraged students to push a pro-police coffee shop from campus. It’s also no secret that BSU, the University of Idaho and Idaho State University have their share of pro-Black Lives Matter websites.

And it’s also no secret that BSU and ISU are home to the left’s most powerful megaphone, National Public Radio, and both those schools receive taxpayer money in support of the radio broadcasts. In 2020, NPR was basically the home to the Democrats’ public relations machine, trained almost exclusively at tearing down President Trump and rewriting history to miscast him as a bumbling, racist and misogynist fool.

It’s enough. If state lawmakers are serious about saving our country, they need to get serious about fixing what’s wrong with our public education institutions. No one else has the power or authority to take this on. These are our schools, and they’re our kids that we’re sending to them for education.

It’s time for legislators to give taxpayers back their money so that they can send their kids to the schools that they choose, not the schools the government has chosen for them. It’s time for lawmakers to rein in the labor unions, which have way too much operational control over K-12 public schools and have done nothing but use their leverage to promote the National Education Association’s pro-abortion, anti-gun and anti-American agenda.

It’s time for lawmakers to say no to the social justice programs taking place on our college and university campuses. Our universities and colleges should be home to intellectual exploration and inquiry, not training centers for would-be socialists, Marxists and communists.

Ideally, the Idaho Legislature will be the first in the country to push back against the current race to the left, transforming America into Venezuela along the way. If this pushback occurs, if we can get our education institutions back on the proper course, could Idaho inspire other states to do the same? Places like North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida need inspiration, and that inspiration should come from us.

We cannot wait any longer. The members of the 2021 Idaho Legislature must make education a priority. The time is now. Let’s have Idaho show the rest of the country what America is really all about.

Doyle Beck is the Legislative District 30 chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.