So, Jim Key claims that I’m an apologist for Donald Trump. Funny thing, but I did not mention our former president even once in my recent letter to the editor. I still like and appreciate all that Trump has accomplished, but Key should not be making assumptions of my intent, which makes him look foolish.

Bob Ziel


I’ll answer Key’s sarcastic accusations against me one-by-one:

Indeed, I’m “a typical guy from Queens.” So, does being a former New Yorker make me any better or worse than if I were a native Idahoan? Many so-called transplants from out-of-state have contributed to Idaho’s positive political climate, culture and advancement.

Key criticized Trump for separating children from their illegal immigrant parents. It was the Obama administration that first implemented that policy. I’m wondering if Key has conveniently forgotten that fact.

Like him or not, as chief executive Trump had our southern border under control, unlike President Joe Biden where chaos reigns today, especially along the Texas boundary. Some immigrants have COVID-19, but yet Biden’s policy of relocating them from coast-to-coast with little oversight of vaccinating the immigrants is an irresponsible policy that’s harmful to everyone.

Regarding Afghanistan, Trump had a clear, concise plan for evacuation of our military personnel, civilians and valuable armaments. Biden, meanwhile, did virtually nothing to properly plan for our withdrawal. He had over seven months to do so, but Biden has left hundreds, possibly thousands, of American citizens and our allies still behind enemy lines facing certain torture and death. Also, it is estimated by reliable sources that President Biden left up to $85 billion worth of valuable weapons for our enemies to use against us and our colleagues. These terrible mistakes warrant impeachment against Biden, but since it would be politically unpopular, that will not likely happen.

No chance of a “graceful withdrawal” writes Key. Seriously? There is no such thing as grace in this instance since our adversaries (notably Taliban and ISIS) are the lowest form of humanity who have no human compassion. Even the United Nations General Assembly has designated ISIS as “a terrorist organization.” The Trump administration’s Doha Agreement was rational and well thought out.

For Key to include me with the “pro-war” crowd is a bad mistake. As a Navy Vietnam veteran, I have seen more than my share of seriously wounded and killed in action Marines medevaced back to my ship, the U.S.S. Tripoli (LPH-10) during the awful Tet Offense of 1968. I hate war to the very depth of my soul, but I do believe in a strong military for a balance of power and to keep our adversaries at bay.

I have criticized Trump on numerous occasions on the Post Register commentary page while he was president. Although my political sentiments as a responsible political traditionalist lean toward the Republican Party, I categorize myself as an “independent conservative.”

The talking points I espouse are my own where I have no allegiance to any political organization or extremist group, right or left.

Bob Ziel is a retired news broadcaster who worked at KID radio and KIDK-TV for over 20 years.

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