The last year has been tough for us all. As a professional and a single parent, what my family experienced in the last year has been more than memorable. I work full time and care for three children. I’m also among the many Idaho parents taking care of a child with developmental disabilities. Some of us call ourselves “warrior moms” because we have to get up daily and go to battle for our children to make sure their needs are met. I invite you to spend a day in my shoes and see what it takes to make my family work — the costs personally, emotionally and financially. COVID-19 did not make any of this easier.

Lana Gonzales

{span}Lana Gonzales{/span}

It’s expensive to raise any child in Idaho. The cost of living is growing rapidly regarding everything from housing to food, not to mention glasses, medications and other assistive devices. That rising cost of living means stretching my income even farther to cover all the bases.

Lana Gonzales grew up in eastern Idaho, is a single parent of three children and she is an advocate for parents of children with developmental disabilities. She works for Living Independence Network, Corp — an organization serving people with disabilities.

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