The day for which the far right has pined for 50 years has arrived. With Roe overturned, GOP-controlled state legislatures can now enforce laws requiring women to complete pregnancies against their will.

But like the dog that caught the car, they will soon realize the senselessness of their plan. Cruel legislation mandating transvaginal ultrasounds or allowing rapists’ families to sue when a rape victim aborts goes a long way to make women feel like second-class citizens but does almost nothing to actually reduce abortions. For that, lawmakers should listen to Democrats: 1) provide access to contraception and age-appropriate sex education to avoid unintended pregnancy and 2) support affordable child care, housing, family leave, pre-K and other policies that make motherhood economically feasible.

Ilana Rubel mug cropped

Ilana Rubel

Rep. Ilana Rubel is the House Democratic leader.

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