I worry about the integrity of this year’s election because of mass mail voting in many states. We need to look at some facts and consider who to trust.

Despite what politicians, news media and Trump have said, the Postal Service can handle the number of mailed ballots. Assume every possible U.S. voter voted by mail on the same day. That would only be 30% of what the post office processes every day. Instead, many will not vote. Many will vote in person, on or before Election Day. Mail ballots will be spread over a few weeks. Mail ballots will generate only a few percent increase in overall delivery.

Steve Piet

Steve Piet

We have poll watchers from both parties on Election Day to monitor the process and ensure no one pressures a voter in the voting booth. Absentee voting lacks those protections, which has been tolerable because previously absentee voting has been a small percentage of all votes. This year, a decisive number of ballots could be coerced.

Traditional absentee voting has a four-step process: 1) individual voter requests ballot with signature, 2) election officials compare request and signature to voter registration prior to mailing ballot, 3) individual voter returns ballot with signature and 4) election officials compare the ballot with its signature to voter registration.

Mass mail voting is worse than absentee voting; it eliminates the first two steps: Ballots are mailed to everyone currently registered. Registration data may not reflect those who have moved away, registered in a new location or died, so there will be millions of ballots floating around. Traditional absentee voting has a key check that mass mail does not — a person requests the ballot, living at the registered address, with signature compared versus registration.

The Democrats want a $25 billion bailout for the Postal Service, but their bill doesn’t even mention the election; this is just another bailout of the post office, which by law is supposed to be self-sufficient. For decades, bipartisan policy has been to modernize the Postal Service. With declining mail volume, that means consolidating offices, decreasing the number of mailboxes, junking expensive old equipment and reducing staff. The union hates this; the press lies about it.

Several states plan to count ballots with a postmark after election day. Who knows when we will know the results? Also, Republicans remember several recent elections where ballots have shown up in all sorts of odd, unofficial places.

I ask left-leaning voters: Would you trust your ballot to someone wearing a red MAGA hat who was collecting votes or watching people vote? If not, why then should we trust partisan vote “harvesters” or postal service members whose union is endorsing Biden?

California and other states are eliminating the need for individual voters to return ballots, instead a vote harvester can gather ballots and bring them to election officials. Nothing prevents the harvester from watching the person vote, asking the voter whom they voted for or discarding ballots that weren’t cast the “proper” way.

I will not trust the results from several states. I’m voting in-person to ensure my vote is counted.