Joe Biden has spent some 50 years in politics. He used to be a moderate or even a conservative on some issues. Some of his opinions from the past would be considered conservative even today. For example, he used to stand solidly for law and order. He used to be a supporter of the Second Amendment. However, Joe Biden is no longer a moderate. Whether willingly or grudgingly, he has been dragged far to the left by the left-wing part of the Democratic Party.

Orson Johnson

Orson Johnson

Here are a few examples of several critical policy issues:

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a major hand in writing the environmental elements of the Democrat platform and incorporating their radical Green New Deal into it. Following their lead, Joe Biden has committed himself to make the U.S. carbon neutral by 2050. He will ban all oil and shale development on public lands. He will replace all fossil fuel power plants with wind and solar. Wind and solar plants require enormous amounts of land and will require expensive new transmission lines. We will have to dramatically increase the mining of minerals that are required in solar panels, wind turbines and batteries. The mining of many of these minerals occurs in the developing world under appalling conditions and sometimes with the use of child labor. When solar panels and wind turbines wear out, they produce enormous amounts of waste that cannot be recycled. We are only just beginning to confront this problem. It will get much worse. California has gone the farthest down this road, and they already face some of the highest energy prices in the nation. They are now having to deal with rolling blackouts because unreliable green energy cannot keep pace with demand. The cost of energy has an enormous impact on the health of our economy and our ability to create jobs.

Biden has recently said that he will not ban fracking or gas-powered vehicles even though this contradicts statements he made in the Democratic primary debates last year. Regardless, it seems impossible to get to a carbon-neutral economy without a ban on fracking. This is especially true if you refuse to embrace nuclear energy. If you want higher energy prices across the board, rolling blackouts, and more restrictions on the type of vehicles you can purchase and use, then you will love a Biden presidency.

His running mate Kamala Harris has promised that if she were to become president she would use an executive order to force gun control on the nation if Congress is unwilling to act. She has made it clear that she favors a mandatory buyback of privately owned firearms. Biden has stated that he would put former congressman Beto O’Rouke in charge of his arms control policy, and O’Rouke clearly stated in the Democratic primary campaign that he was in favor of confiscating guns.

Both Biden and Harris have said they want a commission to study reparations for the descendants of former slaves. Besides the immorality of punishing innocent descendants for the errors of their ancestors and the impossible logistical task of determining who should legitimately receive such benefits, any proposal of that type will cost trillions of dollars.

In addition to the above issues of concern is the issue of Biden’s mental fitness for office. It gives me no pleasure to write this, but Joe Biden appears to be entering into the early stages of senility. It will happen to a good many of us if we live long enough. But the fact is that Joe Biden may be losing his mental edge. Do we really want the nuclear codes in the hands of someone who may no longer be at his best mentally?

Donald Trump has his problems. He is far from perfect. But if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the best the Democrats have to offer, I will gladly vote for Trump. I don’t even have to think hard about it.

Johnson was raised in Idaho Falls. He is a fourth generation Idahoan.