Read Congressman Simpson’s proposal to remove the four dams on the lower Snake River. I support it. All the easy ways to save the salmon have been tried; we must act. Yet while we are trying to help the salmon swim upstream, we are going to have to swim upstream to produce more electricity to replace those dams.

Steve Piet

Steve Piet

The issue is the Salmon River salmon. There are eight dams between the salmon breeding grounds and the Pacific — the four lower Snake River dams and the four dams on the Columbia, which are four times larger than the lower Snake dams. These four dams are the lowest on the Snake, located between the Snake flowing into the Columbia and the Salmon flowing into the Snake. (The dams in Idaho up the Snake from the Salmon don’t matter; they were built without regard to the salmon and those salmon runs are extinct.)

Steve Piet is a nuclear engineer who worked at Idaho National Laboratory for 31 years.

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