R. Grant Hunter says that the simple solution to this past and possibly this upcoming government shutdown is just to give President Trump his way and give him billions and billions of dollars for a wall — a wall that can be climbed over, dug under, flown over and walked around.

However, simple solutions are not always the best solutions. The simple way to quiet a two-year-old who is throwing a tantrum is to give him what he wants. But that is not the best solution.

Here's another simple solution, one that Trump should have insisted on before Nancy Pelosi became the new sheriff in town. It is very simple and very constitutional: have Congress send him a bill authorizing a wall and funds to pay for it. You know, the same way President Obama got Obamacare passed — no threats, no shutdowns, no national emergency.

Mr. Hunter mentions "childish vindictive behavior." It seems that our president is the king of childish vindictive behavior. Remember when he started pulling security clearances from anyone who spoke against him?

Republicans view the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt, and they are right. Mr. Mueller has indicted and convicted a cubic boatload of witches, and be assured that there are more to come.

And speaking of "rabid salivating dogs," I think Mr. Hunter is referring to Trey Gowdy and the other Republicans when they were investigating Benghazi and Hillary's emails — you know, years and years of endless investigations with no indictments.

Shelton Beach


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