How very refreshing it was to read the commentary page on Tuesday, December 4. Bryan Smith’s rebuttal and his reminder of Constitutional principles, sadly lacking in many, was spot on. Such simple concepts should be easily understood, but instead are smeared over as we strive for even more political correctness.

Then there was Neal Larson’s piece on the direction our society is taking as the left rears its loud and blathering voice – always demanding more entitlements and, as he said, “demanding solutions from outside the self.” What a great reminder of the pursuit of human character. Well done, Neal.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, which most surely is where it belonged, was another outburst from the ever-present Trina Pettingill insulting the President. No facts, no truth, no principle, no logic or reason, just insults.

Thanks, PR, for a good day.

Ray Johnson


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