I had to laugh when I read Jeff Manship’s clumsy attempt to take on David Adler over constitutional issues and current Trump scandals. Congressman Schiff did not have to make up anything. Much of the nation saw and heard videotape evidence of Trump shaking down Zelensky together with admissions by Mick Mulvaney (Trump’s chief of staff) and testimony to the House Intelligence Committee by William Taylor, U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, that congressionally appropriated aid was withheld by Trump until an investigation was launched into Joe Biden, his family and the Democratic party. Manship is right to say you cannot make up something like this. Thus we have one more abuse of presidential power that threatens our national security.

It’s not David Adler that lost credibility by saying that, according to the polls, a majority of Americans believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office. All the major polls have been indicating for about a week that over 50 percent of Americans want Trump out, including the Fox News poll. How could you miss that? What really makes your argument inane is that the voters have no direct control over impeachment. The House of Representatives has the authority to impeach and the Senate has the authority to conduct a trial which may result in removal from office. If you want to base an opinion on current events and law, try learning something about them.

Jim Key

Idaho Falls