Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez published her report on what is going to happen in the next 50 years due to climate change. She released her report at the same time as the Department of Defense's comprehensive study. Here are both studies, starting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fear-mongering.

The changes in climate have already occurred and will likely increase in the next 50 years — the length of the study.

Rising sea levels will displace 600 million people, making them refugees. That is a border crisis.

Infectious diseases will spread across the U.S. because insects will have increased range due to warming. Ticks, mosquitoes — stuff like that carry Lyme disease, Zika, dengue and malaria.

There will be decreased freshwater availability, but demand will be higher.

There will be a decrease in food security because crops will fail and the food distribution system will breakdown.

There will increased incidences of extreme weather.

The stress to the power grid will result in the loss of perishable food, water purification systems will fail and fuel distribution will go down, etc. All of this if something isn’t done. How can she get away with publishing something like this?

Here is what the DOD had to say.

Oh, I’m sorry that is what they said. The report was published by the DOD, entitled, “Implications of climate change for the US Army.”

This no longer some liberal plot, some hippy environment thing. The DOD is saying it’s a huge threat. It’s not a joke or fake news. The oil companies were aware of this in the 1980s. And Risch has nothing.

Ken Martin

Idaho Falls