Initially, I was upset with Vic Allen's letter in last Sunday's Post Register. It took me until the second paragraph to recognize his subtle sarcasm directed towards that great bastion of reasonable intelligence know as the Idaho Legislature and some of its members.

For those people who espouse states' rights, they should also support local or cities rights in determining what should be legal in one's own community as long as it does not conflict with state and federal law. It appears the only reason Rep. Christensen seems to have on the subject of cellphone use while driving is that it is already covered by the law concerning inattentive driving. And that we don't need another law.

I'm thinking Rep. Christensen might really like a television on his dashboard since people can reasonably handle talking on their phone and safe driving at the same time. I'm sorry, Rep. Christensen, I've seen too many drivers around here that are probably having trouble chewing gum and driving at the same time.

Driving is a 24/7 job and too many people take it lightly. The traffic and congestion have increased dramatically in the 10 years since I've moved to Idaho Falls. Since he represents eastern Bonneville County plus Teton, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida and Bear Lake counties, he doesn't have to drive through anything but small towns, and probably doesn't want to have to stop using his phone once he arrives within our city limits.

Alan Jones

Idaho Falls

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