I smell another huge spending project in the wind in Idaho Falls in the form of a new police station (and yes, something is needed with all the gangs now located in Idaho Falls) and a career technical education center for school District 91. As a teacher, I can vouch from firsthand experience that technical education should be of paramount importance.

Perhaps I can offer a solution that would prevent a huge capital outlay from the taxpayers. Idaho Falls has many vacant buildings. They are eyesores, a blight on the city. Let’s make use of them for the new police station.

And how about using the vacant space at Compass Academy for a technical career center? Compass already has the parking lots, the utilities and underused space. If more space or some new labs are needed they can be inexpensively added on.

Think of the money this would save. And a similar situation could be found for a police station.

Use what we already have available and taxpayers will thank the city fathers and the school district for keeping voters’ pocketbooks in mind.

Andi Elliott