I enjoyed the article about Rep. Christensen's bill allowing the All-Knowing Lords of the Known World in Boise to override local sensibilities regarding cell phones and driving. In the spirit of Rep. Christensen's bill, I offer a modest proposal.

I suggest the state legislature eliminate all laws banning drinking and driving. Why should people who can drink and drive responsibly be punished because some people can't? After all, we have too many laws already. There are laws against inattentive driving so we don't need drinking and driving laws too.

We don't need a law for every behavior. These laws are clearly a case of government overreach. As evidence to support my bill, I offer the case where a guy's reflexes became quicker the more alcohol he consumed. 

I have now presented an argument that's clearly as sound as Rep. Christensen's. Plus, I offer evidence to support my bill where Rep. Christensen offers none. Q.E.D.

Overall I think Rep. Christensen is dead-on when he infers that superior people such as Rep. Christensen and myself (and you too, gentle reader) should not be held to the same standard as all those inferior types.

I'm sure Rep. Christensen is a busy man. To save him time I have written my Re-Freedoming Idaho Drinking or Texting Drivers bill for him. However, they've taken all the sharp objects away from me here at the home so, like Rep. Christensen's bill, mine's written in Crayon.

Vic Allen

Idaho Falls

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