Stephanie Mickelsen, I do not know you. We have never met. But please allow me to say, you are brave. Very brave. Wherever did you find the courage to confront the dreaded Misters Smith and Beck? Having read the latest diatribe from Beck, “I can not in good conscience stand idly by and watch reputations destroyed” by these two run amok.

In one column Beck manages to call Stephanie evil, non-Christian, hateful, a liar, a community puller-aparter, one who tarnishes and a sower of seeds of destruction.

(Stef are you behind bars?)

Then he nobly suggests that they simply agree to disagree. What a guy!

Next Beck deems Stephanie not capable of penning her piece without assistance. As I said, I don’t know Ms. Mickelsen, but I’m betting that in addition to forming complete sentences, she can also count and tell light from dark objects. Also, she is not guilty of employing the Constitution, the Republican Party or especially The Book Of Mormon to use as a platform from which to launch vicious and brutal attacks. That would be wrong, offensive and sophomoric.

I am just enough of an old lady not to be cowed by common schoolyard bullies.

So let me suggest that you two boys, pick on someone your own size, learn to play nicely or pick up your balls and run along home.

And I wrote this all by myself.

Sheila L. Rich

Idaho Falls

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