As President of the Blackfoot Education Association, I (with the support of our BEA board and building representatives), would like to indicate our trust and support for the current Blackfoot School District Administration and overall effectiveness of the Blackfoot School Board. I have attended almost every school board meeting for the past two years and have seen transparency, professionalism, fiscally conservative decision-making, improved student learning outcomes and improved morale between the school board, administration, teachers, students and parents in the district.

The district is headed in a positive direction from the previous superintendent and previous school board. The $1.4 million deficit created by the previous superintendent has been overcome. The issue of a previous bus contract was handled at the time (2014) by the previous superintendent and previous board.

Our superintendent, Mr. Brian Kress, has worked hard to govern the affairs of our district including personnel, money, parent input and successful student learning outcomes. He should be commended.

Let’s work together and rally to support the good things that are happening in our district and not find fault with issues from 2014 and former board and administration. Members of the community, do your own personal research. Visit our schools. Talk to our teachers. Meet with local administrators. We all have a story to tell about the progress and positive learning events happening in our classrooms. The Blackfoot School District is an outstanding place for students to learn, to progress, and to achieve excellence.

Lesa Huntsman (Blackfoot Education Association co-president)


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