For the past 50 years, Democrats and Republicans have equally failed working people. From Reagan’s trickledown economics, through succeeding administrations’ support for the financialization of markets, both parties have pandered to the moneyed interests of Wall Street and deliberately disregarded working people and the deteriorating effects these policies have had on the economic condition of workers. Advocating for increased economic equality should include:

- Emphasis on change that involves long term structural changes, like Roosevelt’s New Deal, in economic policies and institutions. For example, raising the minimum wage to $15 and linking it to inflation.

- Our winner-take-all electoral system only supports a two-party system, therefore, change the minds in one party, and let us not waste time with third party politics.

- Progressive issues, like minimum wage, health care and access to training and higher education, are independent of party affiliation and are a concern of anyone trying to get a fair chance in attaining the American dream.

- Encouraging union participation, opposing restrictions on voting rights and making Election Day a national holiday so people don’t have to juggle voting with working.

- Eliminating the ability of the wealthy to influence elections by removing money from political campaigns.

- Break up the monopoly on our media outlets. Television station operators would be required to give a block of free time equally to political candidates and issues.

- Economic justice should not be dependent on race, gender, religion, class, etc.

Ideas, not moneyed interests, should influence our policies.

Jeffrey Duplessis


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