I, and many others, are in complete agreement with Mr. Bob Nitschke and Mr. Allen Eberle for their assessment of the prolonged promise of the event center. What a joke. After maybe 10 years of promises and happy exclamations of wonderful things, we are still wondering what is going on. We have had maybe three or four changes of leadership and still, the price goes up.

Have you seen the ads for all the great things that are being built in Rexburg, Pocatello, Rigby, etc. — wonderful float rivers, splash parks and all the fun things for families? OK, now look at Idaho Falls. Still no postage stamp water park at Reinhart Park. Nothing here that would encourage families to move here. This is the most child unfriendly town in east Idaho. We do have a small skate park, but it was paid for by donations. And if you think the event center will be costly to taxpayers, guess what will happen when the Taj Mahal police station gets built in cow manure?

Take the event center money and the ground for it and build a water park, river float, etc. that we can be proud of. This way, a lot more people will be able to enjoy family fun rather than just a few. Thank you to those who donated all that money for the dog park on Lindsay Boulevard. Now if we had some police presence to curb the speeders on that spot.

We are tired of all the promises from our city leaders for something that never happens.

Bill Craig

Idaho Falls