I cast my vote recently and supported Kristin Collum for lieutenant governor.

Her experience and accomplishments in the Army demonstrate not only her capabilities but also her potential. She rose from enlisted to officer on her merits and leadership abilities. She was very successful in a military environment, where competence and results matter and are tested and measured almost daily.

She transitioned to the private sector and was again successful, this time in the technically challenging and relevant field of cyber security. As a candidate, she has demonstrated thoughtfulness, respect for those with whom she disagrees, and the ability to listen and learn. I spoke with her personally once and found her to be a quick study. She impressed me as a pragmatist and one who will seek consensus and compromise as a political leader. These are qualities that I believe our politics desperately need these days.

As INL director, I interacted with political leaders in our state, including governors and lieutenant governors. I have no doubt that Kristin Collum has the leadership and management experience to hit the ground running as lieutenant governor. I am also convinced that she can work well with others. She demonstrates values that go beyond those of a particular group in our State and country. They are the American values of fairness, honesty, hopefulness, generosity, patriotism, humility and independence.

I believe Kristin Collum will serve all the people of Idaho exceptionally well and urge support of her candidacy.

John Grossenbacher

Idaho Falls

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