As Americans, we cringe at the thought that there used to be slavery in America. We are grateful Abraham Lincoln and other brave Americans fought to end this wicked practice.

But slavery still exists in the world today. Over a billion people are in slavery in communist China today. Those people are just as much slaves as the slaves in America were. Actually, slavery in communist China is worse because millions of baby girls have been killed by the wicked communist regime. Today there are many more men in communist China because of the millions of baby girls that were murdered.

Currently, we see communist China trying to spread its despotism to Hong Kong. Thankfully, the people in Hong Kong are resisting. The international community needs to support the people in Hong Kong, as they are fighting for their freedom. Communist China has more than a billion people. The only way Hong Kong can maintain the freedoms they received from the United Kingdom in 1949 is support from the international community. The United States and all free countries must stand firmly behind the protestors in Hong Kong.

Greg Barrett

Idaho Falls