Senators Crapo and Risch, what in heaven's name are you doing (or literally not doing)?

I couldn't give two hoots what committee you're on when you are apparently just a lackey for Mr.Trump. Most all know he's a pathological and pathetic liar, a profound narcissist, a bigot, dishonest, grossly immoral, threatens to abandon our allies (think South Korea and NATO for starters, countries and organizations which I've had the privilege of working within a small way), has accumulated dishonest assistants around him (six indicted so far), started trade wars and truly embodied many more unsavory traits.

You hide behind his skirt as weaklings. You act as one who looks away while a crime is being committed. You have cast your lot with a low class, someone many of us cannot look up to for hope or respect.

How can I encourage my grown children, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to respect our political leaders (local, state or national), when you are silent on this president's behavior?

Roy Marlowe


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